New Book: It’s A Journey

New Book Succession Planning - It's A Journey Book by Elizabeth Ledoux and Laura Chiesman
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Elizabeth Ledoux and Laura Chiesman have launched their latest book: It’s A Journey – The MUST-HAVE Roadmap to Successful Succession Planning. Available NOW on Amazon!

During their virtual book launch party, Elizabeth and Laura shared what inspired them to write this book and how it will impact family and private business owners nationwide. This relationships-first approach to business transition will help you arrive at your destination—the next chapter of your life— financially healthy, relationships whole, and your business in capable hands.

Purchase your copy HERE.

About It’s A Journey

For business owners, the critical event of transition can be a joyful and inspiring culmination of a lifetime of hard work and dedication. Or it can be tumultuous and emotionally complex, causing conflict and rifts in relationships. Which would you prefer?

Join the group of 100 percenters: business owners who have used the authors’ tools and processes to choose and mentor capable successors, position their companies for success, and go on to live happy and meaningful lives. Ledoux and Chiesman layout the step-by-step actions you must take to:

• Set and meet your emotional and material goals

• Communicate compassionately and effectively even in difficult situations

• Resolve dilemmas to achieve the outcomes you desire

• Maintain and enhance relationships with those you value

• Mentor and teach a successor, then step away

• Assess various succession strategies

• Calculate how much you need to live the next chapter of your life

• Create wins for yourself, your successors, family, and company

You can achieve these outcomes and move forward with clarity and confidence. Your Next Adventure is waiting…

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