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The Transition Strategists (formerly vNacelle) is an international boutique consultancy offering transition and succession planning strategies to family and private businesses as well as individuals.

We specialize in business value acceleration and the process of creating successful successions for privately-owned businesses in the United States and Canada. By developing specific skills, behaviors, and mindsets for each stage of business, entrepreneurs, and in turn their teams, are able to gain clarity and confidence to increase growth and success and navigate more easily through the process of business succession.

With over 23 years of experience, we walk you and your team through the acceleration and transition of your business. Per the old adage “begin with the end in mind”, we continually work with you to include concepts and planning for your one-day successful transition from the business; ultimately giving you, the owner, the ability to move towards your next adventure while leaving a successful and sustainable business to the next generation of owners.

What We Believe…

At the Transition Strategists, we believe that private and family businesses are special.

We believe that the tug of war between our businesses and our relationships need not be a zero-sum game.

We believe that it is possible to put families, owners, and businesses on a path to success no matter what type of transition they envision.


Elizabeth Ledoux

Founder & Head Strategist

Elizabeth founded what is now The Transition Strategists more than twenty years ago to create smooth and effective succession strategies for private and family businesses. Her tools, methods, and values-based approach deliver win-win results for businesses going through transitions, whether it be succession, growth, or sale. She is a thought leader who, for 30-plus years, has worked with companies and leaders in both the US and abroad to resolve issues and maximize opportunities related to transition planning.

Elizabeth believes in guiding individuals to do what they love. Her passion is to help both companies and individuals clearly identify and reach their destinations without sacrificing personal fulfillment or relationships.

Elizabeth is the co-author of Accelerate Your Entrepreneurial Flight and Understanding the Growth Mindset of the Entrepreneur, and author of It’s a Journey: Navigate the Complicated Journey of Private & Family Business Transitions. She frequently speaks to groups of business owners on the topics of succession, challenges and opportunities in family businesses, strategic growth, and the business journey.

She serves as Chair for TIGER 21 in Denver, Colorado and was Chair for 14 years of the Women Presidents’ Organization Denver chapter.

Dawn Dorsch


Dawn is passionate about small businesses and the contribution they make to our communities and economy. With four decades of experience spanning small businesses and large corporations, Dawn brings expertise in process development and planning, employee training, and team development to The Transition Strategists. Dawn helps guide businesses and their leadership through succession planning and transition with compassion and insight.

Leah Lamkin

Client Development Director

Leah partners with business owners on their first steps along their transition journey. Her goals are to make our clients glad they connected with us and feel confident in reaching out to our firm. She has used her skills in client development as an architect and applys her listening and hearing abilities to talking with clients. Leah’s detail oriented approach, from all those years helping to build buildings, will be helpful as she works with business owners on their next best steps. When she’s not at work, Leah is at play with her husband and their two daughters enjoying the sun in Northern Colorado.

Deborah Davis, MS, PCC

Strategist & Transition Guide

Debbie brings 17 years of experience in the energy industry, multi-faceted coaching experience, and a passion for entrepreneurship to her role as a Transition Strategists Guide. As a people-first person, she also has an intuitive ability to support owners as they navigate their business transitions.

Debbie has worked with individuals, business leaders and their teams to improve relationships, communication, collaboration, and productivity. She uses her expertise to lead teams through ERP implementation, corporate restructuring, process improvement, and succession planning. In addition to her Executive Coaching Certification and master’s degree from the University of Texas at Dallas, Debbie is a certified Strengths Strategy Coach, Strengths for Optimal Performance Facilitator, Executive Coach with CDR Assessment Group, and Leading Out of Drama® Provider. She is certified in the GiANT 5 Voices™ System and is a member and chapter chair of the International Coach Federation. Debbie works with clients across the globe from her home base of Norman, Oklahoma.

Karen Kersey


Karen loves working with courageous leaders who dare to go where they have not gone before. With a strong background in strategic and operational leadership, Karen bravely goes towards the areas of business that others tend to avoid, rolls up her sleeves, and addresses issues head-on to achieve higher levels of leadership confidence and performance. Karen helps teams assess situations, find solutions, and execute plans while providing executives and managers with the guidance and tools to help them perform at their very best. Originally from Canada, Karen lives in Grand Cayman and maintains an active role in the local community.

Micah Taylor


Micah left corporate America in 2014 to join The Transition Strategists where she helps people identify obstacles that limit their growth and acts as a dynamic force to support and encourage their growth.

Micah graduated with a BAS degree in psychology from Dallas Baptist University. She is a proud Texan who loves spending quality time with her family and friends and living her personal life mission to have a positive impact on everyone she meets.

The Rest of Our Team

The Transition Strategist maintains a roster of talented individuals that it draws upon to customize its services to each project. Their high-caliber skills and deep subject-matter experience enable us to develop and execute strategies that are tailored to each client’s unique needs, situation, and business landscape.


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