Transition Tools​

When leaders, individuals and organizations share a clear sense of purpose, amazing transformations happen! That’s why we designed every one of our transition tools to gain clarity, chart purposeful journeys and achieve meaningful and rewarding change.

Transition Roadmap Developer Process™

The Transition Roadmap Developer Process™ is the solution for owners who want to transition out of their companies in a way that achieves their financial and relationship goals, and positions their successors and businesses for future success. That’s a tall order, yet 100 percent of the owners who have deployed this Process are now living their next adventures, their important relationships are intact, and their companies enjoy continued success.

The Pathfinder™

We designed The Pathfinder™ for individuals and small groups who seek a vision for their future and want to chart a realistic and inspiring path to the future they desire.


We offer individual Coaching for individuals transforming their roles from successor to leader and from owner/leader to mentor.

Business Value Accelerator™

The Business Value Accelerator™ is designed for business owners who want to stimulate the growth of their companies and recast their own roles.

Transition Roadmap Developer Process™

Transition Tools

The sole purpose of most business succession programs is to achieve the financial goals of a selling owner. Yes, financial security is important, but many owners are equally focused on

  1. Maintaining their relationships with the important people in their lives (e.g., family members and business partners) and
  2. Ensuring the ongoing success of the companies they’ve worked lifetimes to create and, by extension, the communities that benefit from its success.

No business succession program can perfectly achieve every one of an owner’s goals, but the Transition Roadmap Developer Process is designed to achieve both financial and relationship goals. It enables you to move through your transition with confidence that your most important goals will be met.

A Transition Roadmap is a custom map that guides you, your business, your successor(s) and your advisors through your business transition. To develop your map we help you determine your financial and emotional transition objectives, organize your priorities, assess your options, communicate effectively, create a timeline for the transition, mentor your successor and, if necessary, set up a more formal means of family business governance.

Our Transition Roadmap has four parts:

  1. Your Transition Compass sets your direction when you answer six questions.

  2. Your Transition Timeline sets the pace to establish the milestones you choose.

  3. Your Transition Timeline is your vision of your transition and your future.

  4. The Focused Action Navigator is a detailed list of actions that must occur to achieve the milestones you set and facilitate accountability.

Ultimately, your Transition Roadmap enables you—your family, successor(s) and company—to move forward with clarity and confidence. It documents “what’s next” for everyone involved and illustrates how all of you will reach your “Next Adventures.”

The Pathfinder Program

The Pathfinder Program is a Transition Strategists-created program for individuals and small groups who want to understand how they operate, identify their strengths, weaknesses and values, and clarify their goals before they embark on the next phase of their lives.

We have helped hundreds of individuals create visions of their future and chart step-by-step paths to reach successful and integrated lives.

Through virtual and/or in-person training sessions, individuals, families and/or small groups participate in assessments and exercises that:

  • Renew their connection to their authentic selves.
  • Align their roles, temperaments, impact style, abilities, interests, and values (both core and work).
  • Clarify their personal missions.
  • Integrate their missions into their lives.
Individuals leave the Program with six-year plans that map their journeys toward the meaningful lives they desire.