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Elizabeth Ledoux is a renowned thought leader, author and speaker on the topics of family and private enterprise, managing transitions—both business and individual. She guides leaders and families on journeys to satisfying and successful work and lives. Her unique approach is grounded in her belief that fulfillment can be achieved through personal exploration and creative thinking.

For nearly 30 years, Elizabeth has created innovative approaches and proven tools to help others reach their goals. Her insights, delivered from the conference stage, inspire listeners to explore fresh perspectives on transition and change and to think in new ways about business, professional, and personal goals.

Speaking, Workshops, and Teaching

The Transition Strategists’ founder, Elizabeth Ledoux, is a respected thought leader on family and private enterprise transitions and an experienced guide who helps others chart their personal journeys to fulfillment.

Elizabeth Ledoux addresses audiences via keynote speeches, group workshops, and one-on-one coaching.  Her workshops for small groups, businesses, organizations, and families around the world stimulate creative thinking to solve real-world problems. Private business owners and members of the faculty at the Harvard Business School recognize her as a leading-edge thinker. She is a chair for TIGER 21 in Denver, Colorado and served for 14 years as the chair of the Women Presidents’ Organization.

Her presentations and workshops combine innovative thinking, practical tools and creative strategies designed to guide participants through meaningful reflection and positive change.

“Elizabeth’s presentation helped me realize that there are talented professionals who understand family dynamics and business who I could call on as resources. After hearing her presentation, we invited Elizabeth in to meet with family ownership. She is a master a drawing out family goals and values that we were not able to verbalize or express and has a talent for working with each family member and shareholder to see that each one achieves their individual growth plan and goals.”

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Sample Speaking Topics
Sample Workshop Topics
Emotionally Intelligent Succession Planning
Managing Transition while Strengthening Relationships: It Can Be Done!
Sample Workshop Topics
Successor Development
Future-Self Discovery

Exploring One’s Natural Wiring

The Pathfinder: Uncover the Best Version of Yourself and Map Your Next Move

This workshop is offered both virtually and in-person and is a blueprint for an intentional and integrated life of success and fulfillment. Participants leave with a six-year plan and an 18-month personal strategic focus plan, complete with critical steps to realization. During the workshop, participants develop a deeper appreciation of themselves from multiple perspectives:

Financial – The Fiscal Comfort Zone

Spiritual – The Faith Factor

Body and Health – Mind-Body Integration
Relationships – Aiming for Mastery

Environment – The Intersection of Place for Life, Work, and Play

Career – Work-Life Integration
Intellectual – Brain Power
Soulfulness – Self-Determination and Resolution
Play – Energized Freedom of Movement