Andrea Carpenter

Strategist & Transition Guide


Andrea calls herself a Curator of Purposeful Experiences because she works at the intersection of design, strategy, facilitation, and connection. Her passion is to help those in moments of transition by bringing humanity and data together. She designs experiences to help people on journeys from ‘here’ to ‘there.’

A certified xchange facilitator, Andrea loves orchestrating memorable events and online meetings. She is the facilitator behind many of the group experiences hosted by The Transition Strategists. Her background as a user experience designer and strategist helps her bring a design-thinking approach to her work. 

After watching her dad go through selling his business, Andrea has a strong passion for helping other business owners navigate the journey in a way that feels great to them. As she steps up into leadership in her own family business, she is super passionate about empowering other successors to be the best they can be.