Marcy McNeal

Strategist & Transition Guide
Marcy McNeal


Marcy thrives on inspiring individuals to achieve life changing breakthroughs. She is a seasoned, engaging trainer, facilitator, and coach with 24 years of experience in leading workshops and multi-day training courses, both in-person and virtually.

After leading two non-profit organizations for a decade, Marcy leveraged her experience to help more than 350 non-profits raise over $400MM by establishing and maximizing sustainable funding, enhancing organizational development, and cultivating healthy cultures. She is passionate about helping businesses transition successfully because she recognizes the critical role they play in keeping their communities healthy.

Marcy received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Marketing from Colorado State University. She is a certified social and emotional intelligence coach through the Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence, with additional training and experience in psychological safety, team effectiveness, communication, and leadership development. Marcy considers herself a Colorado native, though she currently works with clients from her home in Florida.