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The LoCo Experience By LoCo Think Tank - Successful Small Business Transition with Elizabeth LeDoux, Founder and CEO of The Transition Strategists
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Curt Bear, host of the podcast The LoCo Experience,* sat down with Elizabeth Ledoux to talk about her journey from engineering student at the Colorado School of Mines to systems designer for medical and dental practices; from petroleum engineer and mom of two to student of human behavior; from founder of an international consultancy to author and now founder and current CEO of The Transition Strategists.


Elizabeth shares some of the insights she’s picked up from her experience as employee, boss, mom, entrepreneur, and consultant. Curt asks her about mentors and business partners and how she learned how to help and persuade people change their behavior.

As a consultant who specializes in business transitions, Elizabeth explains why it is so important to plan for transitions well before they begin, how owners can work through dilemmas without getting stuck, and how to set a direction for a transition. Elizabeth talks about her experience as a chair for TIGER21, her relationship with her brother, her love of skiing and the day she met her husband, Lyle.

If you don’t know Elizabeth, when you finish listening to this podcast, you’ll feel as if you do. If you are already a friend, you already know what an interesting life Elizabeth has led and how special and thoughtful she is.

*The podcast is a production of LoCo Think Tank, a Ft. Collins, Colorado based company that brings non-competitive owners into professionally facilitated chapters to identify and explore solutions to business challenges.

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