7 Principles of Successful Business Succession Planning

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  • Outlining vision and growth plans  
  • Planning for next-generation leadership and facilitating leadership development  
  • Evaluating next generation talent  
  • Tracking and accountability 
  • Assessing skills, values, and interests 
  • Identifying possibilities 
Family Business Strategy
  • Resolving conflict 
  • Managing relationships 
  • Leading with vision 
  • Communicating effectively  
  • Designing and implementing a Family Council 
  • Crafting contingency plans 
Ownership Strategy
  • Developing integrated, long-term ownership plans 
  • Educating and preparing owners 
  • Designing ownership transference processes  
  • Creating governance structure and policies  
Generational Planning
  • Addressing multi-generational concerns  
  • Framing resilience strategies  
  • Developing long-term governance 
  • Designing and development of Family Council  
  • Considering retirement plans  
  • Creating alignment generationally 
Individual Path Finding & Purpose
  • Locating your path for moving forward 
  • Finding “what’s next”, or figuring out where you fit in the business  
  • Facilitating understanding of purpose 
  • Creating a strategy for achieving purpose and fulfillment  
  • Building networks of communication and support for individual transitions  
  • Managing the paradigm of family and work  
  • Learn more The Pathfinder tool  
Internal Business Transitions
  • Optimizing business value  
  • Defining goals and success 
  • Engaging stakeholders 
  • Crafting contingency plans 

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