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Business transition programs offered by The Transition Strategists

Whether your transition journey is just beginning, you’re navigating difficulties in a current transition, or you’ve transitioned multiple businesses in the past, the Transition Strategists have an offering to meet the needs of your business!


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The Big 6™: Starting Your Business Transition Journey

We designed The Big 6™ Program for business owners who want to transition their companies to successors, launch themselves into their next adventures, and keep their important relationships intact during the process. Without proper planning, transitions have a high failure rate. This program is the perfect way to begin your transition planning journey on the right foot.


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The Business Transition Masterclass™

If you’re a successful business owner contemplating the next chapter in your life’s journey, The Business Transition Masterclass™ is a 3-day immersion to help you thoughtfully planning your next steps. This immersion experience focuses on preserving relationships, strengthening your family, and ensuring your business thrives beyond you. 


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Private Transition Roadmap Developer™ (TRD) Engagements

Our private Transition Roadmap Developer™ (TRD) engagements are the solution for owners of private and family owned businesses who are navigating transitions. 100 percent of the owners who have engaged us individually to help them complete their transition roadmaps are now living their next adventures and their companies continue to thrive.

Business Transition Integration Coaching

We offer many options for individual coaching packages that are customized to your needs. From individuals transforming their roles from successor to leader, those going from owner/leader to mentor, to family businesses needing extra support with governance structures. The Big 6™ Program, Transition Roadmap Developer™ Retreats, or personalized engagements are great places to start if you’re interested in hiring us for long-term coaching.