Transition Roadmap Developer Retreat: Charting Your Next Adventure

Limited spaces available

Are you a successful business owner, contemplating the next chapter in your journey? At our Transition Roadmap Developer (TRD) Retreat, we understand that your transition involves more than just numbers and logistics. It’s about preserving relationships, strengthening family legacies, launching yourself into your next adventure, and positioning your successor and company to thrive without you.

What is the TRD Group Retreat?

Our TRD Group Retreat is an rare opportunity for business owners like you to gain clarity and direction for your transition efforts. Led by experienced Transition Guides, this intimate peer-learning group brings together entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business owners to share experiences and insights.

July 15-18, 2024
in Fort Collins, CO

September 25-27, 2024
in Fort Collins, CO

November 13-15, 2024
in Fort Collins, CO

Why join us?


Identify your goals and deal breakers so you can communicate your intentions to others with confidence.


Plug into a supportive community of successful business owners to share experience, knowledge and insights.


Collaborate with your key transition stakeholders with support from an experienced Transition Guide.


Create a transition roadmap that includes a timeline and detailed list of actions that you and your successor must take to achieve the milestones on your timeline.


Secure your spot in one of our exclusive retreats and kickstart your transition journey.

Meet your Transition Guides

Our transition guides have a track record of success. 100% of private and family business owners who’ve completed our process have achieved successful transitions. We understand the complexities of business transitions, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Elizabeth Ledoux

Elizabeth leads our team of Transition Guides and shares insights from her 30 years of experience creating tools and values-based approaches that consistently deliver positive results for owners, successors and their companies.

Marcy McNeal Headshot

Marcy thrives on inspiring individuals to achieve life-changing breakthroughs. She is a seasoned, engaging trainer, facilitator, and coach with 24 years of experience in leading workshops and multi-day training courses, both in-person and virtually.

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Fill out our short application & let us know what dates you are interested in

Receive email confirmation. We’ll reach out to schedule a retreat consultation call

Complete a short 30-minute call with a member of the Transition Strategists team

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will walk away with your roadmap (including the transition timeline), ready to take action and invite others to join you. We will provide a full list and description of deliverables in the additional information after you submit an application.

The cost of the Retreat depends on the location and format (in-person vs. online learning). For more detailed information, please fill out our application.

While the Retreat is designed for owners, we know that transitions involve multiple stakeholders (e.g., co-owners, successors, family members). We can accommodate up to four stakeholders when appropriate. Once we receive your application, we’ll be happy to discuss your particular situation.

We vet prospective participants so we can 1) ensure that the Retreat is a fit for you and your business; 2) give instructors enough information to customize the Retreat to the group; and 3) create the best peer-learning experience: confidential and diverse by industry and geography.