Tools for Transition & Transformation

We designed the tools we use to help businesses and individuals navigate successful transitions to deliver clarity, authenticity, and compassion. It is incredibly rewarding—both for our clients and us–to see transformations yield:

  • Leaders who are inspired to move forward with confidence.
  • Family members and employees who feel seen and valued.
  • Teams focused and energized to perform.

When leaders, family members and employees share a clear sense of purpose, amazing things happen!

After you read about our Transition Roadmap Developer and Pathfinder, we encourage you to begin your own journey of transformation. We’d be honored to join you.

Wouldn’t it be great if life came with a roadmap so we could navigate the twists and turns, and arrive at the “right” destination? At The Transition Strategists, we know the value of direction and can relate to leaders and individuals who search for a clear path forward. 

A Transition Roadmap is a custom map that guides you, your business and your advisors through a transition journey. It’s a tool that takes you from where you are to where you want to be—when you want to be there. It’s also the touchstone that enables you to move forward with conviction and purpose. You can use it to chart a course through a specific business transition or to navigate the achievement of your long-term goals.

Our Transition Roadmap is comprised of four parts: 

  1. The Transition Compass
    You set your direction by answering six important questions.
  1. The Transition Timeline
    You establish the milestones that mark your progress, and you set the pace.
  1. The Transition Strategy Statement
    You create and share your vision of the future.
  1. The Focused Action Navigator
    This detailed action list creates commitment and accountability.

The Transition Roadmap enables you and those around you to move forward with clarity and confidence. It’s the gift that illustrates “what’s next” and describes how that “next” will come to be.

Where am I going?

What do I want? 

In a world of constantly changing options, it can be overwhelming to choose what you want from the next phase of your life. But it doesn’t have to be. It can be a challenge to purposefully set goals and chart a path forward, but it’s also exhilarating!

We know because we’ve helped hundreds of individuals step out of confusion, uncertainty and hesitation and into clarity, optimism and inspiration.

As transition experts, we can help you create a vision of your future based on self-care and understanding and chart a step-by-step path that makes the vision of your life a reality.

Individuals who use The Pathfinder:

  • Renew their connection to their authentic selves.
  • Align their roles, temperaments, impact style, abilities, interests, and core, and work values through the iMAP and other assessments.
  • Clarify their personal missions.
  • Integrate their missions seamlessly into their lives.
  • Create six-year plans that are divided into manageable 18-month increments.

The result of The Pathfinder is a concrete plan that leads to a successful, intentional and integrated life.

We offer The Pathfinder in person and virtually for individuals, families and/or small groups.

Virtual – Contact us today to join a small group of three to five people or participate in private one-on-one programs.

In-Person – Contact us to participate in a two-day retreat or an in-person series of individual, family or small group meetings.

After only eight sessions or a two-day retreat, you will leave with a personal life mission and a six-year plan that will jumpstart your journey toward the meaningful life you desire.

Don’t wait to take charge of your future and embark on your journey to the life you desire. To learn more about how The Pathfinder can work for you, please contact us.


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