Transition Planning Strategies for Businesses & Individuals

Our services are thoughtfully designed to help you secure the life you want. Drawing upon emotional intelligence, a focus on relationships, and our unique tools, we guide businesses, leaders and multi-generational families through transition and change.

We are ready to help you navigate whatever lies ahead for you, whether that is a transition, a succession or an analysis of how individuals fit within your business. Schedule a complimentary consultation today!

  • Outlining vision and growth plans  
  • Planning for next-generation leadership and facilitating leadership development  
  • Evaluating next-generation talent  
  • Tracking and accountability 
  • Assessing skills, values, and interests 
  • Identifying possibilities 
Family Business Strategy
  • Leading with vision
  • Communicating effectively
  • Resolving conflict
  • Managing relationships
  • Crafting contingency plans
  • Designing and implementing family councils
Ownership Strategy
  • Developing integrated, long-term ownership plans 
  • Educating and preparing future owners
  • Designing ownership transference processes  
  • Creating governance structures and policies  
Generational Planning
  • Addressing multi-generational concerns  
  • Framing resilience strategies  
  • Developing long-term governance 
  • Designing and developing family councils
  • Evaluating retirement plans
  • Creating generational alignment
Individual Path Finding & Purpose
  • Locating your path for moving forward 
  • Finding “what’s next,” or figuring out where you fit in the business  
  • Facilitating understanding of purpose 
  • Creating a strategy for achieving purpose and fulfillment  
  • Building networks of communication and support for individual transitions  
  • Shift the family/work paradigm  
  • Learn more about The Pathfinder tool  
Internal Business Transitions
  • Optimizing business value  
  • Defining goals and success 
  • Engaging stakeholders 
  • Crafting contingency plans 

Our proprietary tools

—The Transition Roadmap and The Pathfinder—
the foundational components of our service offerings

Learn more about what our unique tools—The Transition Roadmap and The Pathfinder—can do for you, your relationships, and your business.

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